Top 10 BT Download Sites

Sunday, BT News Web site-Torrentfreak selected 10 BT site in accordance with the site traffic, advance disclosure of Windows 7 Preview (M3 6801) well-known BT site pirates Bay (Pirate Bay) and two separated Mininova. Many sites need to put agents in order to visit!

1. Pirate Bay (Pirate Bay, last year ranked No. 3) 

 While Denmark and Italy was blocked, but the pirates Bay this year’s performance is still very strong. Pirate Bay this year coincides with the 5th anniversary of the creation, on the number of unique visitors more than 25 million.  Compete Rank: 885; Alexa Rank: 117

 2. Mininova (last year ranked No. 1) 

 This year, Mininova steady development in the past 12 months has provided more than 30 million of seed files. In addition to users upload content, Mininova the beginning of this year will focus on pay distributors.  Compete Rank: 1,225; Alexa ranking: 7

3. IsoHunt (ranked No. 2 last year) 

 Despite the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) the prosecution, but to continue to grow this year IsoHunt. Pirate Bay and the like, IsoHunt site of SSL encryption, making ISP or other institutions can not monitor user behavior. Compete Rank: 1,106; Alexa ranking: 200

 4. Torrentz (ranked No. 4 last year) 

 BT’s oldest Web sites, in July this year coincides with the 5th anniversary of the creation. This year, Torrentz increase in the “Verify that the file” function. Last month, Torrentz hackers had been hijacked the domain name, but that is a few hours to solve the problem.  Compete Rank: 2,039; Alexa ranking: 220

 5. TorrentReactor (ranked No. 9 last year) 

 A whole year, TorrentReactor have to redesign and optimize websites, in large measure to attract the user. In addition, TorrentReactor also introduced a new service “TorrentPrivacy”, allows users to download files anonymously.  Compete Rank: 2,150; Alexa Rank: 532

6. Demonoid (not ranked last year) 

 Because of Canada Federation of the Phonographic Industry Union (CRIA) to combat and was forced to suspend service, Demonoid in April this year, re-operation. Soon, Demonoid will be on track, the rapid return of the majority of users.  Compet Rank: 3,869; Alexa Rank: 526

 7. BTjunkie (ranked No. 5 last year) 

 BREIN rights organizations because of the Netherlands requested, BTjunkie in December 2007 forced to abandon its ISP. This year, BTjunkie did not encounter any blocking, business success.  Compete Rank: 3,762; Alexa Rank: 625 

 8. SumoTorrent (not ranked last year) 

 In 2007, SumoTorrent rapidly among the list of first-line BT website. This year, SumoTorrent continue to grow.  Compete Rank: 4,110; Alexa Rank: 1,019

 9. BitTorrentMonster (ranked No. 10 last year) 

 In addition to ranking rose one exception, BitTorrentMonster normal this year’s performance, no other special news.  Compete Rank: 4,737; Alexa Rank: 989

 10. TorrentPortal (last year ranked No. 7) 

 BitTorrentMonste the same with, TorrentPortal this year, there is no special news. Web site traffic is basically stable, the pace of development there are no other BT site soon.


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