Best Adsense Ready SEO WordPress Theme- SEOAdMax

Google Adsense is one of the best monetization methods for bloggers of make money online. And if you are running a wordpress blog, there are Three Adsense Ready SEO WordPress Theme which can make you earn good with adsense and have the best placement of the ad blocks.

But today, I will recommend another Adsense SEO WordPress Theme named SEOAdMax, A small info given by Garry –

SEOAdMax is a free, premium grade and very search engine friendly WordPress theme built for all those crazy publishers out there who just absolutely can’t live without Google AdSense and affiliate product marketing.

This WordPress theme is built for the purpose of monetizing your blog heavily with Google AdSense and your own special blend of private banner ads or affiliate product banner ads.

I have personally tested this theme, and Garry also doesn’t know this as this was a secret site. It worked really well and i could make the theme look like a professional blog than a Made-for-adsense one.

seoadmax wordpress theme

The release page has all the information that you would need to install the theme, play with the header graphics and the ad spaces, style sheet and private banner ads, and other support answers. Why just adsense? YPN ads can also replace adsense at same places.

Check out the theme demo here and download the SEOAdMax theme from here.


  1. I used to use this theme but received only modest performance as far as the ad placement.