AbiWord Free Word-Processing Program

AbiWord is a free and fast full-featured word-processor, and has attracted a lot of attention. Interface with MS Word’s very similar to it in many of the Unix and Windows operating platforms in use (with a number of different versions of the platform).

It features small size, but large, well suited to deal with instruments, letters, reports, memoranda, and other common office files. AbiWord is open-source software is also part of AbiSource office suite. AbiWord’s attractions is free not only provides a powerful Word processing functions, and its free open source framework for the model can easily be compiled into the source code can run on any operating system, applications, in any language version of its operating system support.

AbiWord not only gives you a top flight word processor, it also leaves you with a fistful of money you can spend on some worthy cause such as several nights on Ratchada. Dnowload here.


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