WordPress Plugin Releases:Blog-quickly-shout

Sometimes the blog to publish a notice at homepage and found is a very troublesome thing. Necessary to add the text of the widget, and then enter the notice, when the need to change the notice, but also login wp-admin to return to operation.

Today, program a plugin, the plugin manager notice quickly on front page at any time by admin. The plugin specific functions are as follows:

* To prepare a portable circular widget
* Notice can be changed at any time by jquery on front page when admin logined
* Can be set up in the background plug-page notice changes, template, style


* Download plug-in, plug-in directory Add to wp-content/plugins / directory
* Management plug-in activation plug-in pages
* Widget page templates to increase the widget blogshout
* Plug-in set up home pages or blog widget pages or modify the content notice

Downlodhere :http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/blog-quickly-shout/