Some New WordPress Plugins And Themes Releases

5 new WordPress Plugins list:


Wp-stattraq is one of the oldest statistics plugins for wordpress. It was initiated by Randy Peterman in 2005. In 2006 Murph took over maintainance for the plugin, which turned unusable come wordpress version 2.6. Unfortunately Murph and his site have disappeared. Since i use wp-stattraq extensively i started changing it in order to get it to work with wordpress 2.6.


Expanding Text plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin allows you to create sections of text in your post or page which expand/collapse when clicked on. You simply wrap the special tags around your text, and set the ‘expand link’ (the link visitors click on to show the text).

Kaltura Interactive Video Plugin

Add interactive video capabilities to your blog! Enhance your WordPress blog with both basic and advanced video capabilities. Upload, record, import videos directly to your post, edit and remix video content, enable video responses, manage and track your video content and much more…

Facelift Image Replacement

FLIR for WordPress implements Facelife Image Replacement by Cory Mawhorter. It is currently in early development but is usable at this time with some manual configuration.

Amazon Auto Affiliate Linker

Automatically adds your Amazon Affiliate ID to the back of all the links to Amazon you use in your blog.

3 new WordPress themes list:

Techy People

A three columns, fixed width, light weight, fast loading theme. Widget, adsense and gravatar ready, separate comments and trackbacks. Logo .psd included. XHTML and CSS valid, tested on Firefox, IE 6 and IE 7.


Widget and gravatar ready theme with a featured last post, 5x ad on latest post and 5x ad on single post, custom pages, image-styling, nice graphics and a lot more.

There are some new URL’s :
Theme URL:


Simple grey, white and blue, two column theme


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    There are some new URL’s (because of some trademark issues with a company who claims PressWeb)
    Theme URL:

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