Google launched Lively Virtual World

Today, Google launches a Second Life similar to the new service, called Lively, It is a browser-based 3-D virtual world that allows users to create customized and personalized form and the world and interact with other users, this rich and interesting Of social interaction better than GTalk.
Virtual world is embedded in a browser, Windows users use IE or Firefox to view, download and install, Mac and Linux users more waiting for some time.

Google has created a number of sample rooms that can be copied and altered, or users can start from scratch and build their own world. Furniture and other items can be added and moved around. Avatars can talk to each other, do things like dance and shake hands, and manipulate objects (in a demo, my avatar was able to blow up drums of toxic waste by double clicking on them. Users can also, of course, chat with each other – GTalk is the underlying chat engine.

This isn’t yet a full Second Life competitor. There’s no single world, for example, where users can move around. But it’s easy to see Google evolving this into a single online world. And then, of course, selling advertising into it.


  1. I’ve seen this lively thing. When I open up my firefox, it automatically visits this new feature of Google. Google is starting to invade the net HAHAHA


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