Best FREE Tools To Get The Great Keywords For Your Blog

If someone’s blog is not friendly with the Search Engine, I think he couldn’t get traffic. Making sure your investment is search engine friendly isn’t an option, selecting the right keywords is an important prerequisite, it’s a necessity! There are many keyword tools available online, some of them being completely free and some are paid but offer a free edition with a few features.

Free tools which can help you research different keywords specific to your site and optimize the site.

1: Google Adwords Research Tool

Although this tool is primarily meant for Adwords bidders, this is also widely used by webmasters and publishers to measure the popularity of different keywords based on their Google search volume.


2: Wordtracker’s Free Tool

When it comes to finding the right keywords, Wordtracker is definitely a name you can count on. They primarily provide paid keyword research tools but they have a free tool too, which, for a particular query, can generate up to 100 related keywords and an estimate of their daily search volume.


3: Google Suggest

Google Suggest also offers a nice way to research keywords. When you start typing a word in the Google suggest box, it starts showing the related most popular search queries in a drop down menu. Therefore you can immediately come to know about the related keywords / sentences for a particular search query. Even Google Toolbar has this feature but it doesn’t show the number of search results for the keywords.


4: SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

Although different SEO related sites have developed their own keyword research tools, the one by is worth mentioning. It is powered by Wordtracker and provides results which are much more comprehensive than the free tool provided by Wordtracker. It’s worth a try.


5: Good Keywords

Good Keywords is another handy tool for researching keywords. It is a tiny 500kb program which offers several features when you start it. Mark has already described it in detail here.


6: Keyword Discovery

This free search term suggestion tool by Trellian is a nice one too. Although it only shows the first hundred related keywords in its free edition but it still could be useful.


Have I missed anything out that you use to get the best keywords for YOUR site? Let everyone know in the comments.